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Zionist Camps

Zionist Camps with JLife

The annual Zionist Camp series are the highlight of the secondary JLife calendar. The special environment created on camp provides an opportunity for students to connect to Judaism and Israel on deeper level than can be achieved in the classroom.

Each year, we bring a hand-picked Zionist Camp Tzevet from Israel who are focused on delivering the camp content in a meaningful and relatable way. We also employ Yavneh alumni as Madrichim who demonstrate, in their own personal lives, living the Leibler Yavneh College values of Torah U’Maddah, Tziyonut, and Derech Eretz.

Year 9-12 students experience their own Zionist Camp which provides an excellent bonding opportunity for students to become more solidified as a group.

In addition, the camps create an incredible environment for our students to take a break from their regular learning schedule and develop their relationship with Hashem and commitment to Torah and Mitzvot, developing life skills, independence, and learning in a relaxed context.