Early Learning Centre

The best start for your child

Welcome to Yavneh’s Early Learning Centre. An outstanding and warm learning environment, underpinned by strong Jewish values.


At Yavneh, we know the value of true care and support during this early stage of your child’s life.

In our ELC, your child will thrive in our welcoming and safe environment that encourages a love of Judaism and familiarity with Hebrew.

Our Early Learning Centre utilises play-based learning as well as love and respect for the natural world. Our environment has a focus on the holistic development of all children and fosters a strong sense of belonging.

By integrating both Jewish and general studies into your child’s school day (in both English and Hebrew), they will develop a strong connection to their Jewish roots.

The Yavneh ELC experience is one that nurtures education and cherishes your family’s Jewish heritage.

Fostering play-based
Cultivating a love of
Judaism and Hebrew
Integrating Jewish and
general studies


The right support at this precious stage of your child’s life is crucial. That is why we employ only the best educators to support your little one in crèche.

With two crèche rooms, we welcome children from 12 months of age.

We also have one ‘Pri Gan’ room, which translates as “fruits of our Kinder”. Designed to prepare children for Kinder, our Pri Gan room includes a wonderful kinder readiness program, as well as the ‘Taam Shel Yavneh’ experiences.

Welcoming children 12
months of age
Two creche
Plus a dedicated kinder
transition room

Junior and senior kindergarten

Kind, dedicated educators who support your child through kinder. That is what you can expect at Yavneh.

We prioritize a high ratio of teachers to children so that your little one is assured the attention they deserve. We also focus on building strong relationships with you, our parents and caregivers, which is integral to our daily practices.

When your child enters senior kindergarten, we will help them hone their pre-literacy skills before they enter prep with our fantastic phonics program.

We also provide before and aftercare at no extra cost to families, as well as a holiday program. Plus, to ensure we’re offering the highest quality learning experience, our educators receive ongoing professional development.

High ratio of teachers
to children
Strong relationships
with parents and caregivers
Prep transition and
pre-literacy programs
Before care, after care
and holiday care

Prep transition program

Imagine a carefully thought-out program that prepares children and their parents for the transition into Prep. At Yavneh, that’s exactly what we aim to provide.

Our transition program is three-tiered:

Child focused

Children visit the prep campus six times in the second half of the year to get accustomed to school life. We also offer a fabulous buddies program where we pair incoming Prep students with incoming Year 6 children, who will support them through Prep and beyond.

Parent focused

We hold three parent information sessions in the year preceding Prep.

You will learn what Prep at Yavneh is all about, what makes us special – and the nuts and bolts of your child’s first year at school.

Educator support

Our Senior Kindergarten teachers and Prep teachers work closely together to prepare our children for Prep.

From a thorough handover session to written transition statements that accompany each child into Prep, we do everything possible to make the change seamless.