Secondary School

Creating life-long learners

Our secondary school is made up of curious, active students who value community spirit, academic success and Torah learning.

We aim to encourage a lifetime love of learning in our young adults, nurturing them to be of fine character – imbued with integrity and compassion.

Our philosophy

We believe teaching in a rich learning environment that cultivates critical thought. One that equips students with skills that are more crucial today than ever before: collaboration, communication, creativity and citizenship.

Jewish life is palpable at Yavneh Secondary, with Religious Zionism at the heart of our identity. We celebrate Jewish festivals via meaningful experiential programs.

Our Jewish Studies develop our students’ literacy in key Torah texts – and daily tefilla nurtures their relationship with Hashem, preparing them to be active participants in communal Jewish life. With a wide range of Jewish Studies electives, our senior students also have the opportunity to explore their interests and explore contemporary issues through the lens of our traditional values.

Key to our philosophy is cultivating the wellbeing of every child. Our team works holistically, overseeing the academic progress and socio-emotional development of each student. Our Heads of Years and Mentors will also support your child through proactive pastoral care and wellbeing sessions.

With diverse subjects and interest clubs, at Yavneh, your child will grow – spiritually and socially.

Jewish Life
The Arts
STEAM program

The middle years (Years 7 to 9)

The middle years are a wonderful time of experiential learning – thanks to our Jewish life programs, Arts and STEAM rotations, and clubs.

For our incoming Year 7 cohort, our Maavar Transition program offers a two-day taster of secondary school life at Yavneh. Students follow a secondary school timetable and attend lessons with Year 7 teachers to become familiar with the places and faces they’ll soon encounter.

The first weeks of Year 7 include support in organisation, wellbeing and device training.

Run by our dynamic Jewish Life team, our ‘ME, US and YOU’ program helps our students:

  • Navigate their transition into adulthood via the bar/bat mitzvah course (Year 7 – ME)
  • Become supportive peers (Year 8 – US)
  • Find a strong sense of community consciousness (Year 9 – YOU)
Year 7 transition program
for Year 6 students
Camps and
Jewish Life
ME, US, YOU program

The senior years (Years 10 to 12)

We offer a diverse senior year’s academic program – and we’re justifiably proud of what our students achieve.

Our VCE program caters to our students’ interests and learning abilities, including VET subjects. It runs in tandem with a broad selection of relevant and engaging Jewish Studies electives.

We’re also focused on supporting our students’ wellbeing, through encouraging responsible decision-making as they enter adulthood. This includes educating on topics such as positive coping, stress management, help-seeking, safety, and drug and alcohol education.

Jewish Studies electives
Opportunities to excel on a world stage
Career tools

Student wellbeing

Wellbeing is when we feel good, function well and are resilient.

At Yavneh, we approach wellbeing as something we can improve for ourselves – and those around us. We view the ultimate goal of a strong wellbeing to be thriving (not just the absence of mental health challenges).

Our role in Chinuch (education) is to create the whole Yavneh graduate. That’s why we provide a wellbeing program for secondary students that includes direct and experiential learning through lessons, presentations and activities – all facilitated by our Heads of Year and external presenters.

Our aim is to give students tools to make positive choices, use their growing autonomy wisely and maintain open, trusting communication with adults. This, in turn, helps them build a strong identity and value system.

Through daily homeroom and fortnightly wellbeing sessions, our students can set personal goals, connect with their peers, build trusting relationships and share their thoughts, feelings and views.

The Heads of Year will also tailor programs to specific year levels to address values or relevant issues to their cohort. Working with the Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships resources and the Australian Health Curriculum, our sessions will cover these topics:

Identity and values
Making healthy and safe choices
Social awareness
Social management
Alcohol and other drugs
Food and nutrition
Mental health and wellbeing
Relationships and sexuality
Safety – including online safety
Emotional Literacy
Personal strengths
Positive coping
Problem solving
Study skills