Our School

Welcome to the Yavneh family

Founded in 1962, Leibler Yavneh College is a coeducational, practicing modern Orthodox Zionist Jewish day school that offers an integrated curriculum, capturing both Jewish and general studies, for children from creche to Year 12. Whether it’s our toddlers or our teenagers, we love nothing more than seeing Yavneh students grow their understanding, intellect and connection faith and community.

This is Yavneh... (watch video)

A rich history – that’s ever evolving

Leibler Yavneh College opened its doors in 1962 – with 53 students across Kindergarten, Prep and Grade One.

Four years later, we saw our first Year 6 graduates. Then in 1979, we expanded to welcome secondary students with our new site in Mercer Road, Armadale.

By 1989, with the College growing rapidly, we purchased our much-loved Slezak campus in Elsternwick.

Today, we are home to more than 750 students across both our Elsternwick and Caulfield campuses.

A diverse curriculum, underpinned by Jewish values

At Yavneh, we offer a fully integrated curriculum with both Jewish and General studies integrated across all year levels – from creche to Year 12. A Yavneh experience is holistic and develops students to be resilient and independent learners, equipped with the skills and knowledge to meaningfully engage as Jews in the outside world.

Our rigorous curriculum, taught by educational professionals who are leaders in their fields, allows for each student to achieve at their highest level. Yavneh consistently ranks highly on academic measures and our students are known for being Menschlichkeit and committed to the community.

Leading by example, we encourage the practice of Derech Eretz (ethical behaviour), adherence to Halacha and a commitment to religious-Zionist ideals.

Nurturing your children. Shaping our future

Core to Yavneh is our mission to play a central role in the development of compassionate young people, imbued with humility and integrity, who are committed to Hashem; to the Torah, its values and mitzvot; to academic pursuits and to community.

It is with great pride that we often hear ‘Yavneh graduates’ described as ‘menschen’.