Primary School

Our Solid Foundations

In our primary school, your child will build strong skills in numeracy and literacy, while developing a love for Yahadut and Tziyonut. Just as importantly, your child’s wellbeing and sense of belonging will be warmly nurtured by our team of caring educators and close-knit community.

Our Primary School

Yavneh students are compassionate young people imbued with humility and integrity.

At Yavneh, we are inspired by our commitment to Hashem; to the Torah, its values and mitzvot; to academic pursuits; and to community.

We value educating the whole child, nurturing their spiritual, intellectual, physical, social and emotional wellbeing.

Fostering compassionate
children who live with integrity
Instilling a love for
Yahadut and Tziyonut
Focussing on a holistic
educational approach

Our curriculum

The primary school curriculum is underpinned by a culture that empowers students to be active participants in their learning.

Inquiry learning is complemented by explicit teaching of fundamental literacy skills in English, Jewish texts and Hebrew; and Numeracy skills and concepts.

Some of the highlights of our primary school curriculum include:

Initialit program

Initalit is an evidence-based literacy program that runs over the first three years of school. It gives students the foundations to become successful readers and writers.


This reading and comprehension program helps Year 3-6 students become critical, confident readers. Children can then use this knowledge to deepen their understanding of Jewish texts.


This program teaches students strategies to achieve mathematical success. It helps Year 1-6 students build on their conceptual understanding and computational fluency.

Maya Doron and Friends

This Hebrew language program develops all four language skills for children in Prep to Year 6. Children incrementally develop their ability to speak, read and write Hebrew texts.

Torah Literacy

We lay the groundwork for a love of Jewish learning and practice through building foundational skills in Torah literacy. This starts with the Aleph-Bet and then developing a handle on the study of Chumash, Navi, Mishna and Gemara.

Jewish Life

From marking special Jewish days to engaging in extra-curricular activities and clubs, our Jewish Life team ensures our students develop a passion for their Jewish and Zionist identity.

Tziyonut & Yahadut

Our students prepare for Chagim by exploring the themes and historical events behind them – to help see their contemporary and personal relevance. The miracle of the Modern State is a central focus of our learning.

Hebrew Literacy

Our children are exposed to the Hebrew language through experiential learning which includes songs, games and art activities that develop both their vocabulary and grammatical knowledge. Each lesson focuses on distinct skills.

Our extracurricular offerings

From sport and music to robotics and Jewish cooking, our cocurricular offerings have something for everyone.

Sport lovers

If your child has a love for sports, they’ll enjoy our intraschool sport round robins, interschool sport sessions, cross-country training and swimming intensive week.

Jewish Life

Our dynamic JLife team offers an array of lunchtime and afterschool clubs to further develop your child’s Jewish identity.

Music enthusiasts

We offer classroom music and performing arts. This includes primary choir, chamber ensemble, primary stage band, bi-annual music concerts and private lessons.

Special interest clubs

Does your child have a special interest? Yavneh has a range of lunch clubs – including Choir, Hama beads, Chess, Drama, First Lego League (FLL), Robotics and STE(A)M.

Personal Passion Projects

Personal Passion Projects provide time for children to nurture their curiosity and develop agency. They can explore their interests, build knowledge, create models, master skills or provide a service.

Friendship skills

Through the URStrong program, we equip children with the tools and language to improve their interpersonal and conflict resolution skills. In doing so, we help enhance the social and emotional wellbeing of our children.