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JLife Theme

JLife Theme

Each year, the JLife team brainstorms a new theme which is embraced by the whole school, from Creche to Year 12, to weave Israel, Zionism, Modern Orthodoxy, Torah and Mitzvot, and Hashem’s presence into the fabric of daily life at the College.

Our goal is to inspire change and make a positive impact on the world in whatever small way we can. The theme becomes all-encompassing including custom merchandise, a special logo, and school-wide initiatives throughout all campuses. Previous themes have included Yavneh B’Yachad, Yavneh Poreach and Olam Chesed Yibaneh

The Theme for 2024 has now been announced! This year, we sought to continue the momentum of last year, which focussed on ‘building a world of kindness’ both within and outside of the Yavneh community.

Thus, the theme for this year is: אחריות (Responsibility)

The Hebrew term for Responsibility – Achrayut, is full of deep messages. Achrayut is made up of smaller words that represent the layers and dimensions of the responsibilities we hold.

Judaism is fundamentally a religion of responsibility. Torah and Mitzvot are expressions of our responsibilities to ourselves, to G-d, to our families, to our people, and to the world. Rabbi Sacks z”l stated that although Jews are and have always been small in number, we have been big in our contribution.