The Yavneh Bright Futures Appeal is on June 26.

The Yavneh Bright Futures Appeal is on June 26.

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The Vision

Research based evidence clearly suggests that the learning environment plays a major role in facilitating teaching and learning.

In the modern age of education, where learning synthesises seamlessly with technology, and students work both collaboratively and independently, teaching spaces need to be able to be reconfigured easily enabling team teaching, cross age activities and inquiry-based learning to take place. This flexibility enables teachers to utilise multiple learning strategies and facilitate learning.

The Project

With your assistance we will be able to fundamentally change the classroom experience for our students.

In line with this research, we plan to redesign the learning environment enabling our students to be more creative, work together to express themselves, focus on complex issues and reflect and share their learning with their peers. The goal is to provide students with the choice of not only how to learn, but what framework best facilitates their learning.


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Every donation received from now to June 26, is matched by our generous donors. So $100 = $200. $300 = $600 etc.. And don’t forget your gift is tax deductible!

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