Stance & Dance in ELC by Bianca Chiplowitz (Pri-Gan Room Leader)

Stance & Dance in ELC by Bianca Chiplowitz (Pri-Gan Room Leader)

This week the creche and kinder teachers had our annual staff conference day and  I wanted to share with you the immense value and importance of staff conference days and professional development learning. These events not only equip us with essential skills and knowledge but also empower us to create rich learning experiences for your children. Monday’s learning focused on the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) version 2 and was led by Catherine Hydon, a specialist in Early Childhood Education.

Staff conference days are more than just an opportunity for educators to gather and learn. They are a crucial investment in the continuous development of our professional skills. These events allow us to stay up to date with the latest research, teaching methodologies, and learning frameworks, ensuring that our practices are grounded with the best possible knowledge base. By attending workshops and networking with other educators, we hone our ability to provide top-quality education and care for your children.

The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) Version 2 professional development, facilitated by Catherine Hydon deepened our understanding of the new framework and adjustments. We immersed ourselves in discussions on various practices, individualized approaches, and the critical role of play-based learning. By embracing the newly launched EYLF version 2, we are now even better equipped to provide a richer and more responsive learning experience for your child.

One of the main approaches to the EYLF that Catherine mentioned to us, was the “Stance and Dance approach”. “Stance”- what will be our approach to the process (adjusting from version one to version two of the EYLF), and “Dance”- how are we going to essentially dance/ take action?

KnowledgeableTrial and Error
 Old and new

As parents, you play a vital role in supporting and reinforcing your child’s learning journey. By aligning our practices with the EYLF version 2, we will continue the strong partnership between home and early education. We encourage you to engage with your child’s educators, attend parent-teacher meetings, inquire about your child’s progress, and share insights about their individual strengths and interests. Together, we create a harmonious learning environment that nurtures your child’s holistic development.

Staff conference days and professional developments are powerful tools that drive continuous growth and improvement within our early childhood sector. Monday’s professional development on the EYLF version 2 has provided us with valuable insights that we are eager to put into practice. By embracing the framework’s holistic approach, individualized instruction, and play-based learning, we provide an environment that fosters your child’s development, creativity, and love for learning. We look forward to continuing our partnership on this journey through the second half of the tear, as we nurture and shape your child’s future together.