Mother and Daughter weekend away

Mother and Daughter weekend away

Last weekend was our annual Year 6 Mother-Daughter weekend at Anglesea Valley Lodge.

Ahead of a very important Batmitzvah year, over 20 families went away for a beautiful weekend of bonding, laughter, fressing, discussions, drumming, singing, dancing, and ALOT of ruach.

There were so many special moments and aspects but some of the highlights were: Dancing during Tefillah, doing the ropes course, an amazing group session about raising teenage girls, roasting marshmallows in the bonfire, an awesome program on Jewish continuity and loads of mingling with other mums and sharing experiences.

Some of the comments from the mothers:

We had a fabulous weekend. It was great to bond with each other and all the other mums and batmi girls, some of whom I’d never spoken to.

We really appreciate the effort everyone went to for their tochnit or session. The whole weekend was amazing.

Putting aside all our jokes about coffee, showers and squeaky beds we really wouldn’t have changed anything. Thank you Ronit and everyone It was a gorgeous, full and  meaningful weekend.  We loved every moment of it.  xx

Thank you all so much for such a beautiful weekend 💗💗💗💗

It was so lovely to spend that time not only with our daughters …. but with all of you 🙏🏼🥰😘Looking forward to the next few years … and grey hairs together 😛🥳🤪

The weekend was perfect in every way.  We loved every minute.  Thank you to everyone for making it so special and memorable!

Thanks to everyone, especially Ronit, for a wonderful weekend! We had a fantastic time with you all and thanks to Pnina, Rivka, Michal, Rochelle and Dahlia. It was even better because of you!

I am sure that we made memories that they and we will never forget. Thank you for such a great weekend.😊 a hot shower has never felt so good.

Thank you so much for such a beautiful and unforgettable weekend! We and our daughters are so blessed to be part of this special grade 6 crew!!

Ditto – Thank you so much to all, it was so special to spend quality time together! Thank you again, Ronit for all of your hard work, time and effort – the program was perfect and ran so smoothly!!! Xx

Just wanted to say a big thank you to you all for a beautiful weekend away with our daughters. Everyone put in so much time and effort and it paid off.