Refreshed, Refurnished, Revitalised!

Refreshed, Refurnished, Revitalised!

While our centre was closed during the Summer break, our Kinder spaces went through a transformation. Not only did we fix the roof, but all 4 of our Kinder rooms went through a complete refurbishment – creating purpose built indoor environments that support the learning, the play, the creativity and the imagination of our beautiful children.

The ” Victorian Early Years Learning Framework (VEYLF) tells us that “ a rich and varied environment support’s children’s learning and development. It gives them the confidence to explore and learn in a secure and safe, yet challenging, indoor space”.

Children’s learning experiences come from their interaction and engagement with their environment and the people around them. Children need warm and trusting relationships in predictable, safe, stimulating and nurturing environments. Our classroom set up and use of space, our choice of equipment, materials and resources all contribute to children’s learning outcomes, sense of autonomy and engagement with the curriculum.

This beautiful refurbishment has created unique room spaces that further lends itself to enhance all that our teaching curriculum aims to do. Our new -look rooms provide a wonderful sense of belonging and comfort to our children and supports their emotional security. Our rooms feel more spacious and increases opportunities for safe risk taking and challenging experiences. Our furnishing updates were carefully selected to meet the needs of our children’s interests and abilities and provide a space that is meaningful and purposeful.

Our two JK rooms have now been refreshed to create one big Junior Kinder centre with a free-flow approach across these 2 spaces. This allows access and participation for all of our JK children and engages our young learners in quality experiences in both built and natural spaces.

In both our JK and SK rooms, our beautiful refreshed defined spaces further promotes quality interactions between our children and educators as well as promotes exploration and investigation in play. Our rooms create opportunities to relax in quieter areas of play and provides smaller areas for small group learning.

Our aim of creating a wonderful indoor environment that reflects our philosophy of our environment being like a third teacher, has been reached in these aesthetically welcoming spaces.

Our revitalised new look has created a truly empowering and vibrant environment for children that supports their learning and development across each of the 5 learning outcomes of the EYLF.

Watching our 2024 cohort in our new rooms is inspiring, motivating and energising and we are all ready for a year of so much learning and growth.

By Charlene Orwin – Head of ELC